3 thoughts on “Surrogates Bone Crusher by L’Atelier

  1. In general I’m a fan of the Surrogates line and really loved the Tramp Stamp (admittedly I initially tried it based on the name). However they always knock me for a loop! My nicotine tolerance is fairly low so I’d only have one of these after a substantial meal or something. Nonetheless, I think I’ll be picking one up to try.

    1. I have been advised to stay away from the Animal Cracker, as it is much milder than the taste I am accustomed to- but it may be something more up your alley! What can I say, I like ’em big and meaty!

      1. Oh I like full body cigars. I just can’t take full strength. Alas, the two often correlate with one another. It does frustrate me in a way, I have to admit. My favorite cigar right now is the CO Final Third by Blanco and it’s very much a full-bodied cigar but it’s fairly light on strength. Nice flavors too – a rich dessert-like palate consisting of cocoa, coffee, cream and a caramel and subtle pepper on the retrohale.

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