Who the heck is this guy?

Howdy!  I am Gray Hogan of internet fame.   No, not really.  I'm just a guy who likes cigars and was told by his wife to "go make a website about it."  I am sure there is some ulterior motive there, having to do with staying out of her hair.  That said, I DO like cigars.  I have written a ton of reviews here with the ethos that your time is valuable, and you want the meat and potatoes of a review.  "Should I get this?" is the prevalent question for all of my reviews.

I like cigars that have meat to them.  I'll take a full flavored knockout over a wimpy claro style any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  I have a few points that I evaluate each cigar on.


This describes if the thing held an ash, came apart at the cap, or started to unravel on me.  It's not based on humidification (I use Boveda's anyway, so that's a moot point).


Did it taste good?  This, like most of these, is subjective.  Did I enjoy the flavor of it?


How long did it taste good?  This isn't the same metric as a lot of sites where they say it lasted an hour, or 5, or however long.  You smoke at your own pace.  This is about flavor country.


I grade on a curve.  If I say it is medium to full, it probably is more full than medium.  If I say it's a knockout, you shouldn't smoke that if you're new to cigars.  As a matter of fact, I actually have a recommended Experience level for that very reason.

So, there it is.  If you have a question, shoot me a line here or at grayhogan at gmail.com!

Of course, if you'd like to post a review- I would love to see it!  Just click here, and you'll be on your way!